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The increased reprocessing needs of Central Sterile Services Departments (CSSD) call for systems that are designed to clean and disinfect specific medical utensils, surgical instruments and other articles found in healthcare facilities. We offer washing and disinfecting systems for many types of healthcare facilities.

SERC Products®  provides washer-disinfectors that ensure reliable, effective cleaning and disinfection of reusable surgical instruments and utensils in central sterile supply departments, while securing high throughput and efficiency.

Our range of single-chamber washers, hospital cart washers, ultrasonic washers and multi-chamber washers allows healthcare and lab facilities to find the system that works best for their operations. The added productivity and efficiency of these washing and disinfecting systems allow facilities to increase capacity, reprocessing quality and regulatory compliance.

With some of the most advanced processing and  automation capabilities we provide a choice of many automated loading and unloading systems, fast washing cycles, and try to minimize the need for staff intervention and to increase productivity.



MAC Medical®


SERC Products®offers a wide variety of high-quality surgical lighting products to meet the needs of any operating room - from large teaching hospitals to smaller Ambulatory Surgery Centers (ASC)- because every patient deserves the best possible light.


From flexible positioning to direct focus control, SERC Products® lighting solutions are designed to give healthcare professionals convenience and performance. Each lighting solution combines crisp, clear illumination with reliability and ease of use – allowing every case to be visualized in precise detail without unnecessary hassle.


Featuring a diverse range of options, SERC Products® offers innovative solutions for general and hybrid operating rooms, trauma bays, exam rooms and more.

A superior operating table is the foundation for better patient outcomes. Versatile, easy-to-use and built for today's procedures, SERC Products® wide range of surgical tables, exam tables, and orthopedic tables provide a solution for every operating room and budget.


SERC Products® has reliable general and custom surgical tables that have easy-to-use handling features, generous weight/height restrictions, and versatility that make them well suited for countless procedures such as cardiovascular, pediatric, gynecology, abdominal, gall bladder, plastic surgery and many other procedures.


SERC offers two Sterilizer options. New and Refurbished. The new model sterilizers are called PRIMUS®and the refurbished models are typically STERIS® models.


Please select the option you would like more information about to be taken to the corresponding page. Thank you.

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If you need further information about any one of our Capital Equipment products please free to give us a call or us the form below. We will be glad to help you start the process of determining what exactly you need and getting it quoted for you.


Please take the time to fill out all sections of the below form so that we can get a   picture of your needs and process the information  so as to not confuse you or misinterpret the information. Should we need any clarification we will contact you using the information you provided otherwise we will process the request using what you submit below and forward the quotation back to you in as little as *24 hours.


*We can have the quotation return to you within 24 hours if it is called in during normal business hours by 2:00pm EST, Mon-Thurs.*


Capital Equipment is one the most vital parts of any functional processing facility. This equipment is the heart of the CS department and is vital to the efficiency of the work-flow.


The type of equipment and its functionality are a crucial part to the facility as well as the budget for the equipment. Without a balanced mix between financial and practical your facility may find itself in a position of having the equivalence of over-priced paperweights.


This is where SERC Products® comes in. We have professionals standing by that can assist you with new Capital purchases. We will streamline the process for you and become a helping hand guiding you towards the best solutions possible for your facility.


We will gather all necessary information and put together a package for you that is not only customized for your facility but also for your budgets. The equipment will be just what you need, with the right accessories, and the right compliments. This eliminates the filler of lose terms, hidden contractual obligations, and non-disclosed fees for installation, de-installation, removal, disposal, and many others that some suppliers and O.E.M's would like to have you to overlook.

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